River’s Edge Church has a vision for us each to take a spiritual journey which helps us grow in faith, freedom, fulfilment and a future in Jesus Christ. Our Growth Track is key part of this and progresses through four phases – Belong, Believe, Become, Be Free. The first three phases are engaging and interactive four week programs offered throughout the year while Be Free is a half day encounter experience.

Belong gives an overview of what it means to belong to River’s Edge Church and more broadly, God’s family, the church.

It explores River’s Edge values, beliefs and governance, as well as each person’s skills, gifts and calling as servants of Jesus.

Believe will build or refresh your foundation of faith and equip you with a Christian worldview for negotiating the challenges and opportunities of life.

Believe will alternate monthly with Belong throughout the year and is phase two* of the River’s Edge Growth Track.

(*It can be done before Belong depending on what course is next available).

Become explores the key elements of what it means to successfully and authentically live a Christian life in the world today.

As Jesus put it, he has given us the power to become the children of God.

Be Free is a half-day spiritual encounter that will enable participants to break through some tough areas of life such as hurt, offence, addiction and unforgiveness to enter more fully into the freedom God intends.

‘…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’. 

For more information or to register please contact info@riversedgechurch.com.au