Please work your way through the three sections below, follow the links and forward all the information back to the church office asap.

office email:

The 3 parts to our child protection:

1.  Workers With Children Check.

This is required by law and the link below takes you to the Government website to either apply for a new Workers With Children Check Number or renew yours if expiring soon.

You may be required to attend a NSW service center to be issued a WWCC number.

This number is to be sent to the church office so we can confirm you are cleared to work for River’s Edge Church.

A volunteer WWCC number is free of charge.

Your date of birth is also required to be sent to the church office so we can finalise the check.

WWCC apply here


2.  River’s Edge Church Policy.

We have various policies we need you to read and understand before working with our children.

Please follow the link below, read and sign off on all the documentation

by sending the VOLUNTEER CONSENT FORM back to the church office.

  If you are also driving any child in your car, please have the

Driver Application form completed and emailed back as well.  

Office email: 



3.  Safer Churches Workshop.

This is an online course that needs to be completed.

The link below will take you to the website to either do the

Induction course/workshop for the first time or a refresher course if it

has been more than 3 years since your last workshop/course.

The cost of this workshop is $30 however if you are in financial hardship and cannot pay for this course,

please speak to a pastor at River’s Edge Church you are comfortable with, and we will reimburse the

fee to you once a receipt is received.  

 Safer Churches Workshop Online


Please send all information to the office via email: